Action Manager

All Action Items are macro recorded when executed. This includes main menus items, CUI buttons, keyboard shortcuts and quad menu items.

The code emitted for many action items looks like:

actionMan.executeAction 0 "50002" -- Tools: Rotate Mode

The MAXScript Interface: actionMan has a function called "executeAction". It takes as parameters the ID of the action table and the "persistent id" of the action. A comment string that includes the category and tooltip for the action follows it. Some action items have custom code emitters that emit better looking code.

This interface is currently intended only for running macro recorded actions.


There is no way currently to query the action manager for all the available action items.

actionMan.loadKeyboardFile "KbdFile.kbd"

This loads the named keyboard file from the current UI directory.

actionMan.saveKeyboardFile "KbdFile.kbd"

Saves the current keyboard configuration into the given file name in the UI directory.


Returns the full path to the current keyboard file.

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