ActiveX - Disable 3ds Max keyboard accelerators

For most of the ActiveX controls there is no automatic way of determining if it supports keyboard input to disable the 3ds Max keyboard accelerators.

A MAXScript system global called "enableAccelerators" can be set to false whenever an ActiveX control gets focus so that the user can type in the controls.

Here is a sample that can be handy to enable/disable keyboard accelarators:


rollout rAccelState "State"


checkButton accelState "Test"

on rAccelState open do


accelState.text = if (enableAccelerators) then "Enabled" else "Disabled"

accelState.checked = enableAccelerators


on accelState changed state do


enableAccelerators = state

accelState.text = if (enableAccelerators) then "Enabled" else "Disabled"



nf = newRolloutFloater "" 100 100

addRollout rAccelState nf



There is no real way of determing when an activeX control got focus and when it lost it and automatically disable/enable Max's accelarators. It's upto the script writer's discretion to find a clever way to disable them. There is a "on StatusTextChange ..." event handler to disable the accelerators, but it is not fail-proof.

on ax StatusTextChange txt do enableAccelerators = false

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