ADT_Style : ReferenceTarget

This class provides access to the Style of Architectural Desktop objects imported into 3ds Max.

Class instances not creatable by MAXScript.



ADT_Style interfaces:

Interface: IADTStyle


.Name : &TSTR : Read|Write

Get/set the name of the Style

.numComponents : integer : Read

Returns the number of components.

.numInstances : integer : Read

Returns the number of instances.



Returns an ADT_Category MixinInterface providing access to the category.

<integer>SetInstance <node>styleInst <bool>hasCompVisOvrd


<bool>RemoveInstance <node>styleInst


<Interface>SetComponent <integer>styleInstIterator <node>compInst <&TSTR>compName <bool>hasMtlOvrd <bool>keepRelTransf

compName is In parameter


<bool>RemoveComponent <&TSTR>compName

compName is In parameter




<integer>GetComponents <&Interface array>components

components is In parameter


<integer>GetInstances <&node array>instances <&bitArray>mtlOverrides

instances is In parameter

mtlOverrides is In parameter


<integer>FindInstance <node>node <*bool>mtlOverride

mtlOverride is In parameter


See also

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