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Age_Test - superclass: helper; super-superclass:node - 10:0 - classID: #(1962490881, 515064320)


Age_Test lets the particle system check whether a specific amount of time has passed since the start of the animation or the current event, or whether particles have reached a certain age, and branch accordingly.




<Age_Test>.Condition_Type Integer default: 1 -- radio button number

Get/Set the index of the Age Test Condition drop-down list.

0: Absolute Age - Tests the current frame number in the animation.

1: Particle Age - Tests the current age of each particle in frames. This is the default test type.

2: Event Age - Tests the current duration of the current event in frames.

<Age_Test>.Random_Seed Integer default: 12345 -- integer

Specifies the randomization value.

<Age_Test>.Subframe_Sampling BooleanClass default: true -- boolean

Get/Set the state of the Subframe Sampling checkbox. Setting it to true helps avoid particle "puffing" when passing particles to the next event by testing the time at a much higher subframe resolution rather than using the relatively coarse frame resolution

<Age_Test>.Test_Type Integer default: 1 -- integer


<Age_Test>.Test_Value Integer default: 4800 -- integer

Get/Set the Test Value. Specifies the ticks number, particle age (in ticks), or event duration (in ticks) to test for.


The Test Value in the UI is shown in frames.

<Age_Test>.Variation Integer default: 800 -- integer

Get/Set the Variation. Defines the time in ticks by which the value tested for can vary randomly

Age_Test Interfaces:

The following Interfaces are exposed by the Age_Test Class:

Interface: action

Interface: test

Interface: PViewItem

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