Age Test in Script Test Example


The following example shows the access to the Proceed methods of an Age Test from the Proceed hander of a Script Test.

Can Be Used With:

Should be used inside a Script_Test : Helper to access an Age_Test : Helper



In the Init hander, the Script_Test creates a unqiue Age Test action or accesses an existing one if already created before. It then calls the Proceed methods of the Age Test to acquire its test results. Then it takes only the particles that have not passed the Age Test and checks them against a spherical volume. Those that fall inside the volume pass the Script Test, too.

The particles that tested True are passed to a second Event which stops them. The final result is that all particles either stop because they are too old, or stop because they have entered the spherical volume.

In the sample scene, a Sphere with radius 20 represents the spherical volume tested by the script. The particles either rest on the surface of the sphere, or have passed it and have stopped because of their age outside the sphere.


Sample File:



--The ChannelsUsed handler defines the channels

--to be made available to the script.

--For the list of all channels, see

--Interface: MaxscriptParticleContainer

--The parameter pCont passed to the handler

--contains the Particle Container the script is applied to

on ChannelsUsed pCont do


pCont.useTime = true  --enable the Time channel

pCont.usePosition = true  --enable the Position channel

pCont.useAge = true  --enable the Age channel



--The Init hander is called on initialization.

--In this case, it is used to create the Age Test if it does not

--exist yet, or get the existing one.

on Init pCont do


global ageT


--If the unique object does not exist yet

if $ageTest77777 == undefined then


--Disable automatic event encapsulation


--Create a new Age Test

ageT = Age_Test()

--Give it a unique name! If you are reusing the code

--multiple times, change the number to have a unique ID = "ageTest77777"

--Disable editing mode, enable auto-encapsulation


--Set the Age Test value to 1600 ticks, no variation

ageT.Test_Value = 1600

ageT.Variation = 0



ageT = $ageTest77777 --if the object exists, get it

)--end init handler

--In the Proceed handler, the Script Test calls the Proceed methods

--of the Age Test to acquire its results and then checks the

--the particles that have not passed the Age Test against

--a spherical volume

on Proceed pCont do


--Get the current number of particles

count = pCont.NumParticles()


--Get the exact start and end time

t_start = pCont.GetTimeStart() as time

t_end = pCont.GetTimeEnd() as time

t_start_frac = (pCont.GetTimeStart() as float) - (t_start as integer)

t_end_frac = (pCont.GetTimeEnd() as float) - (t_end as integer)


--Initialize a BitArray to store results

testResult = #{}


--Initialize an Array to store test times

testTime = #()


--Call the ProceedStep1 method of the Age Test

ageT.proceedStep1 (pCont.GetParticleContainer()) (pCont.GetParticleSystem()) (pCont.getParticleSystemNode()) (pCont.getActionNode()) (pCont.getIntegrator())


--Call the ProceedStep2 method of the Age Test

--The results will be returned in the by-reference variables

ageT.proceedStep2 t_start t_start_frac &t_end &t_end_frac &testResult &testTime


--If the particle system is not undefined

if pCont.GetParticleSystem() != undefined then


--Go through all particles

for i in 1 to count do


--If the i-th particle passed the Age Test

if (testResult[i]) then



--Set the current particle index

pCont.particleIndex = i

--Set the particle’s test status to true

pCont.particleTestStatus = true

--Set the particle’s Test time to the one returned by the

--Age Test

pCont.setParticleTestTimePrecise i t_start testTime[i]




--Set the current particle index

pCont.particleIndex = i

--Any particles inside a sphere with radius 20

--satisfy the test

if length(pCont.particlePosition) < 20 then


--Tell the particle it passed the test

pCont.particleTestStatus = true

--And set the test time to the current particle time

pCont.particleTestTime = pCont.particleTime







on Release pCont do



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