AngleAxis Values

The AngleAxis class provides a representation for orientation in 3D space using an angle in degrees and a rotation axis. This class is similar to a quaternion, except that a normalized quaternion only represents -PI to +PI rotation. Angles can be greater than 360 and so specify multiple revolutions, unlike quaternions. Rotations follow the right-hand-rule.


angleaxis <degrees_float> <axis_point3>

<quat> as angleaxis

<eulerangle> as angleaxis

<matrix3> as angleaxis

extracts the rotation component as an angleaxis


<angleaxis> == <angleaxis>

<angleaxis> != <angleaxis>

<angleaxis> as <class>

AngleAxis can convert to Matrix3's, Quat's, Eulerangle's


<angleaxis>.angle : Float

<angleaxis>.axis : Point3

<angleaxis>.numrevs : Integer


copy <angleaxis>

Creates a new copy of the angleaxis value. For example:

newAngleAxis = copy oldAngleAxis

The new value contains a copy of the input angleaxis value, and is independent of the input angleaxis value.

random <angleaxis> <angleaxis>

Random rotation in degrees, but uses quat Slerp, so loses multiple revolution angles.