Applying Modifiers - Topics Index

The following topics provide the necessary information for creating and applying modifiers and binding Space Warps to scene objects.

Modifier : MAXWrapper and SpacewarpModifier : MAXWrapper

Introduction to the Modifier and SpacewarpModifier superclasses derived from MAXWrapper.

Modifier Common Properties, Operators, and Methods

Lists properties common to all modifiers including name and enabled state in viewport and renderer. Also lists related methods including checking whether a modifier can be applied to a certain object, adding a modifier to a node, deleting a modifier from a node, collapsing the modifier stack and getting the modifier context transformation matrix and bounding box.

Modifier Sub-Object Transform Properties

Describes how to access sub-object transform properties of modifiers.

Modify Panel

Lists all methods related to the Modify Panel, including enabling modifiers' show end result button, enabling sub-object selection, adding a modifier to the current selection, setting the current object in the modifier stack etc.

Modifier and SpacewarpModifier Types

Lists modifier and spacewarpModifier classes accessible in MAXScript.

SpaceWarp Binding SpacewarpModifiers

Lists spaceWarp Binding classes accessible in MAXScript.

SpacewarpObject : Node

Lists spaceWarp classes accessible in MAXScript.

ModifierArray Values

Explains how to access modifiers from the modifier stack of an object.

Modifier - Related Callbacks

Lists all modifier-related callbacks.