Asset Browser

The Asset Browser provides access from your desktop to design content on the World Wide Web. From within the program you can browse the Internet for texture samples and product models. This includes bitmap textures (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, and TGA), or geometry files (MAX, DWG, and so on). You can drag these samples and models into your scene for immediate visualization and presentation. You can use the CTRL key to drag geometry into predefined locations. You can also use the Asset Browser to browse thumbnail displays of bitmap textures and geometry files on your hard disk or shared network drives. Then you can either view them or drag them into your scene or into valid map buttons or slots.

Methods: ()

Opens the asset browser if it is not already open.

assetBrowser.gotoURL <URL_string>

Opens the given URL in the asset browser.


The URL can be a web URL or a local or network disc directory path name.

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