Biped Miscellaneous Methods

<bool>biped.getIKActive <biped_ctrl> <int_index>

Returns true if the indexed limb is under IK control at the current MAXScript time. Useful for custom key reducers and exporters.


biped.unifyMotion <biped_ctrl>

Displays the Unify Motion dialog for the specified biped. The biped must be selected in the Motion panel and in Motion mode.


<Interval>biped.getCurrentRange <biped_ctrl>

Get the animation range of the specified biped controller.


<Point2>biped.getIdLink <node>

The id and link values for a particular biped node. The 'x' value is the id and the 'y' value is the link. An id value of -1 means the node isn't part of a biped.


Copy Paste Buffer

biped.loadCopyPasteFile <biped_ctrl> <file_name>

Load the specified buffer file.

<bool>biped.pasteFromBuffer <biped_ctrl>

Paste from buffer. Returns true on success, false otherwise.

Accessing Internal Biped Values

Collection of functions useful for a biped interpolator that uses the internal biped hierarchy.

<INode>biped.getRotParentNode <node>

<INode>biped.getPosParentNode <node>

<Quat>biped.getParentNodeRot <node>

<Point3>biped.getParentNodePos <node>

<Point2>biped.getClavicleVals <node> --2 angles in degrees

<float>biped.getHingeVal <node> --in degrees

<float>biped.getHorseAnkleVal <node> --in degrees

<float>biped.getPelvisVal <node> --in degrees

<float>biped.getFingerVal <node> --in degrees


COM Controls Access

Convenience functions for getting the different biped COM controls.

<Control>biped.getHorizontalControl <biped_ctrl>

<Control>biped.getVerticalControl <biped_ctrl>

<Control>biped.getTurnControl <biped_ctrl>


Biped Keys Display in Trackbar

You can turn off biped keys in the trackbar, so that you may only just see subanim keys. The property is

<biped_controller>.showBipedInTrackBar = true|false.


Set Multiple Keys Dialog


biped.dosetmultiplekeysdlg <biped_controller>

The function will bring up the old set multiple keys dialog in a popup.

biped.setmultiplekeys <biped_controller>

The function will apply increment without bringing up the dialog.


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