Biped Sub Anim Methods

A set of Biped Sub Anim helper functions.

biped.createPosSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <control> <bool_checkIfExists>

biped.createRotSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <control> <bool_checkIfExists>

biped.createScaleSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <control> <bool_checkIfExists>

These functions place a clone of the specified control in the subanim control of every biped body part. If checkIfExists is true we check first to see whether or not the control of the same type already exists, if so we don't create it.

biped.setPosSubAnim <biped_ctrl> <point3> <node> <bool_absolute>

biped.setRotSubAnim <biped_ctrl> <quat> <node> <bool_absolute>

biped.setScaleSubAnim <biped_ctrl> <point3> <node>

These functions set the particular sub anim for the specified node with the specified value. If absolute is true then the specified position or rotation value is the absolute world space position or rotation of the combined biped + subanims (so the subanim stores the difference between the current biped value and the specified value). If false, then the specified value is the value that's stored the subanim.  Setting the Scale subanim always stores the specified value in subanim. These methods are not applicable to the biped’s COM node.

biped.collapsePosSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <bool_perFrame> <bool_keep> <node>

biped.collapseRotSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <bool_perFrame> <bool_keep> <node>

biped.collapseAllPosSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <bool_perFrame> <bool_keep>

biped.collapseAllRotSubAnims <biped_ctrl> <bool_perFrame> <bool_keep>

These functions collapse the sub anim onto the specified node or all nodes. If perFrame is true a key is created per frame, otherwise only the biped's keys are modified. If keep is true then the subAnim isn't deleted, otherwise it is.


bipObj = biped.createNew 100 100 [0,0,0]

bip = bipObj.controller


biped.createPosSubAnims bip b true

biped.setPosSubAnim bip [20,0,60] $'Bip01 R Hand' true

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