BipedExportInterface Values

The BipedExportInterface class is an interface into a Biped.


getBipedExportInterface <biped_node>

Returns an instance of BipedExportInterface class. The biped_node can be any node associated with the Biped system, including the footprints.


setNonUniformScale <BipedExportInterface> <boolean>

Biped-based bone systems created prior to Character Studio version R2.1 have non-uniform scaling on the nodes that make up the biped object. This scaling can cause difficulties when exporting the biped. This function removes or restores the non-uniform scaling on a biped object. If <boolean> is true the non-uniform scaling will be set, and false will remove it. All non-uniform scaling information has been removed from new bipeds created with version R2.1 or greater of Character Studio, and this method is not required for exporting these bipeds.