CharacterAssembly : Helper

CharacterAssembly - superclass: helper; super-superclass:node - classID: #(-876649472, -1986750208)


Instances of this class provides the controls, UI and icon for the Character Assembly creation.

Note: This class is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


characterAssembly ...


CharacterAssembly objects are typically created using the assemblyMgr.assemble method.

For example:

fn createCharacter nodes =


local chr

animate off


chr = assemblyMgr.assemble nodes name:(uniqueName "Character") classDesc:CharacterAssembly

chr.assemblyBBoxDisplay = false

chr.wirecolor = (colorMan.getColor #chr_color)*255




b=box pos:[100,0,0]


createCharacter #(b,s)



<CharacterAssembly>.character SubAnim default: SubAnim:CharacterHelper -- SubAnim

References the Character Helper object used. Read-only.

<CharacterAssembly>.characterID Integer default: 132833 -- integer

The ID of the character.

<CharacterAssembly>.displayRes Integer default: 3 -- abimatable; radio button number

Get/set the radio button state controlling the display of the character elements specified in the Assembly for Full Resolution display and Low Resolution display.

<CharacterAssembly>.iconSize Integer default: 10 -- integer

Controls the icon size.

CharacterAssembly interfaces:

Interface: IMtlRender_Compability_MtlBase





See also

Interface: assemblyMgr

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