Cone_Angle : helper

Cone_Angle - superclass: helper; super-superclass:node - 6:0 - classID: #(629233518, 624568848)


Cone_Angle ...

ConeAngleManip ...

Note: This class is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


<Cone_Angle>.Origin Point3 default: [0,0,0] -- point3


<Cone_Angle>.Direction Point3 default: [0,0,-1] -- point3


<Cone_Angle>.Angle Float default: 15.0 -- animatable; angle

The initial angle of the manipulator.

<Cone_Angle>.Distance Float default: 0.0 -- float

The length of the manipulator, in 3ds Max units. Default=the distance of mouse drag when the manipulator was created.

<Cone_Angle>.UseSquare Boolean default: false -- boolean; Use_Square

When on, the base of the cone is square or rectangular, rather than circular. Default=off.

<Cone_Angle>.Aspect Float default: 1.0 -- float

When Use Square is on, adjusts the aspect ratio of the rectangular cone base. Default=1.0.

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