ConformSpaceWarp : SpacewarpObject

ConformSpaceWarp - superclass: SpacewarpObject; super-superclass:node - classID: #(1038158332, 1077350422)


conformSpaceWarp ...

Note: This class is not available in Autodesk VIZ.


<ConformSpaceWarp>.Projection_Distance Float default: 0.0 -- animatable

The distance a vertex in the bound object moves from its original location if it does not intersect the target object.

<ConformSpaceWarp>.Standoff_Distance Float default: 1.0 -- animatable

The distance maintained between the vertex and the surface of the target object.

<ConformSpaceWarp>.Selected_Verts Integer default: 0 -- animatable

When on, only the sub-object selection of vertices on the Stack are pushed. When off, all vertices in the object are pushed regardless of the Stack selection:

0- Off

1- On

<ConformSpaceWarp>.Icon_Size Float default: 0.0

The size of the icon.


There is not a way to set the Wrap To Object using MAXScript in 3ds Max.

Associated Methods

bindSpaceWarp <node> <conformSpaceWarp_node>

Associated Binding Modifier


This modifier is automatically created by the bindSpaceWarp() method, and is not otherwise creatable by MAXScript. There are no properties associated with this binding modifier.

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