Crowd : helper

Crowd - superclass: helper; super-superclass:node - 28:0 - classID: #(1611940610, 1128617348)


crowd ...


<crowd>.simStart Integer Default: 0

The first frame of the simulation.

<crowd>.solveStart Integer Default: 0

The frame at which you begin solving.

<crowd>.solveEnd Integer Default: 100

Specifies the last frame considered for the solution.

<Crowd>.deleteKeys Boolean Default: False

When true, Crowd deletes the keys of active delegates in the range over which the solution takes place.

<Crowd>.saveNthPos Integer Default: 1

Saves every nth position frame after the solution.

<Crowd>.saveNthRot Integer Default: 1

Saves every nth rotation frame after the solution.

<Crowd>.flashing Boolean Default: True Alias: Hilite_Delegates_During_Assignments


<crowd>.vectorScale Float Default: 1.0

Globally scales all force and velocity vectors that are displayed during the simulation. Scaling vectors up helps to see them better when they are very small. It does not effect the simulation.

<Crowd>.useScript Boolean Default: False

When true, Crowd executes a script at each frame of the solution.

<Crowd>.functionName String Default: "PerFrameFn" Alias: Script_Context_Name

The name of the function to be executed. This name must also be specified in the script.

<Crowd>.script String Default: Undefined


<Crowd>.update Boolean Default: True Alias: Update_Display_During_Solve

When true, motion produced during solution of a crowd simulation appears in the viewports.

<Crowd>.updateFrequency Integer Default: 1

How often the display is updated during the solution. If 1, the update occurs every frame. If 2, the update occurs every other frame, and so on.

<Crowd>.solveForBipeds Boolean Default: False

When on, only biped/delegates are included in the computation. Also, the options to use priorities and backtracking become available. These options are available only for biped-only computations.

<Crowd>.usePriorities Boolean Default: False

When on, biped/delegates are computed one delegate at a time, in order of their Priority values, from lowest to highest. Also, backtracking becomes available and Step Solve becomes unavailable.

<Crowd>.backtracking Boolean Default: False

Turns on backtracking functionality when solving a crowd simulation that uses bipeds. When Backtracking is on during the solution, in the case of an impending collision between bipeds, the Crowd system will back up the simulation to the beginning of the current clip, and then try a different traversal of the lower-priority delegate/biped's motion flow graph. If necessary, the system will back up two or more clips.

<Crowd>.showCollisions Boolean Default: False Alias: ClearColl

When true the delegates that collide are highlighted in the collision color.

<crowd>.whenToShowCollisions Integer Default: 0

0 - only during collisions - Colliding delegates are highlighted only in frames in which they actually collide.

1 - always - Colliding delegates are highlighted in frames in which they collide and all subsequent frames.

<crowd>.collisionColor Color Default: (color 255 0 0)

The color swatch indicates the color used to highlight colliding delegates.

<crowd>.IconSize Float Default: 0.0


<crowd>.behaviors ArrayParameter Default: #()

Array of Behavior objects

<crowd>.teams ArrayParameter Default: #()

Array of Team objects

<crowd>.assignments ArrayParameter Default: #()


<crowd>.cogcontrols ArrayParameter Default: #() Alias: Cognitive_Controllers

CogControl : MAXObject


<crowd>.scatter MAXObject Default: Scatter_Parameters


<crowd>.objAssoc MAXRefTarg Default: ObjAssoc Alias: Object_Delegate_Associations_Parameters

Display the dialog to link any number of delegate-object pairs.

<crowd>.smooth MAXRefTarg Default: Smooth Alias: Smoothing_Parameters

Display the Smoothing dialog to smooth existing animation keys on a solved simulation to create more natural-looking animation

<Crowd>.priority MAXRefTarg Default: Priority -- Read-only; Alias: Priority_Parameters

ObjAssoc Properties

These properties correspond to the Object / Delegate dialog displayed by clicking the Associate Objects with Delegates icon.

< Crowd.objAssoc>.objects ArrayParameter Default: #() -- node array

Array of linked Objects.

< Crowd.objAssoc>.delegates ArrayParameter Default: #() -- node array

Array of linked delegates.

< Crowd.objAssoc>.alignScale Boolean Default: True

When true, Align Objects with Delegates sets each object's absolute scaling factor to that of its corresponding delegates. This is useful if, for example, you've randomized delegates' sizes with the Scatter Objects Scale panel, and want the associated objects to match.

Smooth Properties

These properties correspond to the Smoothing rollout.

<Crowd.smooth>.objects ArrayParameter Default: #() -- node array; Alias: Objects_to_Smooth

Specify which objects' positions and/or rotations to smooth.

<Crowd.smooth>.filterDelegates Boolean Default: True Alias: Filter_Delegate_Selection

When true, the Select dialog opened by the Select Objects to Smooth button shows only delegates. When off, it shows all scene objects.

<Crowd.smooth>.wholeAnim Integer Default: 0

0 - Whole Animation: Smoothes all animation frames.

1 - Animation Segment: Smoothes only the frame ranges specified in the From and To fields.

<Crowd.smooth>.from Integer Default: 0 Alias: smooth_from_frame

When Animation Segment is chosen, specifies the first animation frame for smoothing.

<Crowd.smooth>.to Integer Default: 0 Alias: smooth_to_frame

When Animation Segment is chosen, specifies the last animation frame for smoothing.

<Crowd.smooth>.positions Boolean Default: True Alias: Smooth_positions

When true, selected objects' animation paths generated via the simulation are smoothed after the simulation has finished.

<Crowd.smooth>.rotations Boolean Default: True Alias: Smooth_rotations

When true, selected objects' rotations generated via the simulation are smoothed after the simulation has finished.

<Crowd.smooth>.filter Boolean default: false Alias: Perform_Filtering


<Crowd.smooth>.futurekeys Integer default: 2 Alias: Future_Keys


<Crowd.smooth>.n Integer default: 2 Alias: Keep_every_Nth_frame


<Crowd.smooth>.pastkeys Integer default: 2 Alias: Past_Keys


<Crowd.smooth>.smoothness Integer default: 4


<Crowd.smooth>.reduce Boolean default: true Alias: Perform_Key_Reduction


Priority Properties

These properties correspond to the Priority rollout.

<Crowd.priority>.start Integer Default: 0


<Crowd.priority>.delegates ArrayParameter Default: #() -- node array


<Crowd.priority>.object Node Default: Undefined


<Crowd.priority>.grid Node Default: Undefined


<Crowd.priority>.increment Integer Default: 0


<Crowd.priority>.showPriorities Boolean Default: False


<Crowd.priority>.showStartFrames Boolean Default: False


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