CrowdAssignment : MAXObject

CrowdAssignment - superclass: ReferenceTarget; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 6:0 - classID: #(1352022790, 1524464408)


CrowdAssignment ...


<crowdassignment>.team CrowdTeam Default: Undefined -- max object

A named group of delegates.

<crowdassignment>.delegate Node Default: Undefined -- node

A delegate object. See CrowdDelegate : Helper.

<crowdassignment>.behavior MAXObject Default: Undefined -- max object

One of the Crowd Behavior classes.

<crowdassignment>.cogcontrol CogControl Default: Undefined -- max object; CognitiveController

A cognitive controller. See CogControl:MAXObject for more details.

<crowdassignment>.weight Float Default: 1.0 -- animatable; float

The relative effect of the assigned behavior or cognitive controller. The higher an assignment's weight setting is than others', the more effect it will have. This setting is animatable. Range=0.0 to 1.0.

<crowdassignment>.active Boolean Default: true -- animatable; boolean

When true, the assignment is currently in effect. When false, the assignment has no effect. Default=true.


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