CrowdState - superclass: ReferenceTarget; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 4:0 - classID: #(633734037, 2042692069)


CrowdState ...


<crowdstate>.name String Default: "State"

The name of the state.

<crowdstate>.behaviors ArrayParameter Default: #() -- array of behaviors

See Notes below.

The names of all behaviors associated with the state.

<crowdstate>.weights ArrayParameter Default: #() -- array of floats

See Notes below.

Specifies the selected behavior's weight. The higher the weight in relation to other behaviors' weights, the more evident the results of the behavior in the state. Default=1.0. Range=0.0 to 1.0.

<crowdstate>.transitions ArrayParameter Default: #() -- array of CrowdTransition objects

See Notes below.


You can perform the following MAXScript operations:

deleteitem <array> <itemnumber>

<array> = #(item,item...)

<array> = append <array> <item>

on all of the properties containing an ArrayParamater of objects listed below. You can also undo/redo these operations.

<CrowdState>.behaviors -- array of behaviors

<CrowdState>.weights -- array of floats

<CrowdState>.transitions -- array of CrowdTransition objects


If you add or delete elements to the Behaviors ArrayParameter, the corresponding element in the Weights ArrayParameter must be added or deleted.

The following MAXScript operations will cause Crowd to fail, either right away or later:

NEVER set Behavior ArrayParameter element to undefined.

NEVER set a Behavior ArrayParameter element to anything other than an object of the appropriate type.

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