CrowdTeam : ReferenceTarget

CrowdTeam - superclass: ReferenceTarget; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 2:0 - classID: #(1386162085, 308747152)


CrowdTeam ...

CrowdGroup ...


<crowdteam>.name String Default: "CrowdTeam" -- string

The default team name is Team followed by number one more than the last added team.

<crowdteam>.members ArrayParameter Default: #() -- array of Delegate nodes

Participants of the current team.


You can perform the following MAXScript operations

deleteitem <array> <itemnumber>

<array> = #(item,item...)

<array> = append <array> <item>

on all of the properties containing an ArrayParamater of objects listed below. You can also undo/redo these operations.

<CrowdTeam>.members -- array of Delegate nodes



The following MAXScript operations will cause Crowd to fail, either right away or later:

NEVER set a Members ArrayParameter element to undefined.

NEVER assign a non-Delegate node to the Members ArrayParameter.

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