Daylight : System

Daylight system objects are not creatable by MAXScript.

A Daylight system is comprised of a Compass Helper object and an Assembly containing an IES_Sun and an IES_Sky object using a DaylightAssemblyHead. The Light objects can be accessed as properties of the Assembly Head.

The Assembly's transform is controlled by a set of controllers, which are sub-controllers of a


controller. To access the controller, create a Daylight system using the Create>Systems tab in the UI and use:




<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.solar_time Float -- subAnim[3]

The solar time expressed as an integer value of seconds since midnight. To calculate the hours, minutes and seconds, you can use the following function:


fn TimeFromSolarTime solar_time =


hrs = int(solar_time/3600.0) -- full hours in the solar_time value

min = int((solar_time - hrs*3600.0)/60.0) -- full minutes in the difference between the full time and the full hours

sec = int(solar_time - hrs*3600.0 - min*60.0 + 0.5) -- full seconds in the rest of the value

#(hrs,min,sec) -- return the result as a 3 elements array



<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.solar_date Float -- subAnim[4]

The solar date expressed as an integer representing the days offset from today.

<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.latitude Float -- subAnim[5]

The viewer location's latitude

<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.longitude Float -- subAnim[6]

The viewer location's longitude

<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.orbital_scale Float -- subAnim[7]

The Orbital scale controls the distance of the Assembly from the Compass Helper.

<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.sky_cover Float -- subAnim[8]

The Sky cover value, 0.0 means Clear, 1.0 means Cloudy.

<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.manual_position Transform -- subAnim[9]

Contains a PRS Controller to hold the manual transforms.

<Daylight_Slave_Controller>.manual_intensity Float -- subAnim[10]

Set the intensity when in manual mode.


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