defaultAction Context

This context is available in 3ds Max 8 and higher.


with defaultAction <action> <expression>

where <action> is #logmsg, #logToFile, or #abort.


When entering this context, MAXScript stores the current state of the DefaultActionSys and when exiting it restores the DefaultActionSys to that state.

Messages being held by the DefaultActionSys are not affected by entering or exiting this context.

When entering this context, after storing the current state, all existing event actions are set to the specified action.

The pre-defined 3ds Max events (missingExtFiles, missingDLLs, missingXRefs, missingUVW, and unsupportedRendereffect) are added if not already present and set to the specified action.

The defaultAction context state is #logToFile. Also when entering this context (unless entering the context via a 'set defaultAction') the quiet mode is set on, and is restored when exiting the context.