Developing MacroScripts - Topics Index

The following topics provide the necessary information for developing MacroScripts, dialogs and User Interfaces.

General MacroScript Topics

Defining Macro Scripts

MacroScript definition - all you want to know about MacroScripts.

Creating Icon Bitmap Files

Explains how to create custom UI Icons for your MacroScripts.

Rollout, Floater and Dialog Management

Creating MAXScript Tools - Topics Index

See the complete Tools Topic Index for details on rollout and dialog management.

Example Scripts:

How To ... Develop A Transform Lock Script

How To ... Remove All Materials

How To ... Quickly Rename Selected Objects

How To ... Assign Materials Automatically

How To ... Output Object Data To File

How To ... Select Non-Quad Polygons

How To ... Sort TrackView Alphabetically

How To ... Draw a Freehand Spline

How To ... Flatten a SplineShape

How To ... Enhance the Morpher Modifier With Floating Controls

How To ... Move Objects to a Surface

How To ... Create a Quick Preview

How To ... Change Objects At Render Time

How To ... Output Geometry Data To Text File - Part Two

How To ... Read Geometry Data From Text File - Part Two

How To ... Develop a Bitmap Painting Tool - Basic Utility

Free Camera Creation MacroScript

GrabViewport MacroScript

PolyToElement MacroScript

Render to RamPlayer

SubObject Vertex


Parameter Wire altExectute











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