diffuseRenderElement : MAXObject

diffuseRenderElement - superclass: MAXObject; super-superclass:Value - 4:0 - classID: #(4, 0)


diffuseRenderElement ...

Diffuse ...


<diffuseRenderElement>.enabled Boolean default: true -- boolean

Shows whether the element is enabled.

<diffuseRenderElement>.filterOn Boolean default: true -- boolean; FilteringOn

Shows whether the active antialiasing filter is enabled for the element.

<diffuseRenderElement>.elementName String default: "Diffuse" -- string

Shows the name of the currently selected element. You can type in a custom name for the element.

This control is unavailable when multiple elements are selected.

<diffuseRenderElement>.bitmap UndefinedClass default: undefined -- bitmap


<diffuseRenderElement>.lightingOn BooleanClass default: true -- boolean; Lighting

When set to true, lighting is enabled.

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