Documentation Changes in 3ds Max 6

The following changes have been made to the MAXScript Online Documentation since version 5.1.1 (Particle Flow Extension).

·   All new classes, interfaces, properties and methods are now correctly marked with the new.gif symbol in addition to the note NEW in 3ds Max 6.

·   The Table Of Contents has been reorganized to provide a more logical structure and improved navigation.

New Sections

·   Added a new section MAXScript Extensions for reactor. It lists all classes and interfaces related to the reactor Dynamics system.

·   Added a new section MAXScript Extensions for mental ray. It lists some classes and interfaces related to the mental ray renderer.

·   Added a new chapter Locating Information in this Help File containing several Topic Index pages to help you find relevant information related to typical scripting tasks:

Learning MAXScript - Topics Index

Creating MAXScript Tools - Topics Index

Developing MacroScripts - Topics Index

External File Access - Topics Index

Editable Mesh - Topics Index

Editable Poly - Topics Index

Applying Modifiers - Topics Index

Rendering - Topics Index

Developing Scripted Plug-ins - Topics Index

·   Added new chapter Sample Scripts in the Scripts/Examples Directory with short descriptions of the showcased features by the respective example files.

·   Renamed the chapter "MAXScript Questions and Answers" to Frequently Asked Questions and reorganized it for easier topic navigation. Added more FAQ entries (see below).

Additional Examples and Information

·   Added new examples to the MAXScript FAQ based on user requests:

How do I calculate the Volume of an Object?

How do I create a line between two points?

How do I change the text in a Text Shape dynamically?

How do I Get the Local Rotation of a Face?

How do I Sort a MultiMaterial By Material ID?

How do I Split a Mesh by UV Elements?

·   Added new and extended existing topics in the MAXScript FAQ based on user requests:

What is Scope of variables?

Why does Execute return 'undefined' when accessing a loop variable?

When do I use If...Then and when If...Do ?

When do I use () after a function?

What is the difference between 'undefined' and 'unsupplied' values?

What is the difference between '=' and '==' operators?

What is the differences between Arrays and BitArrays?

How do I create a multi-dimensional array?

How do I change a property in multiple objects at once?

How do I change the Shadow type of a Light?

·   Added more information related to vector dot and cross products in the Point3 Values topic.

·   Added new example showing ways to control SplineShape sub-object selection passing up the stack. The example connects two objects with a dynamic spline similar to a rope.

·   Added new example to EditablePoly Properties topic - split polygons to elements.

·   Added a set of Editable Mesh Selection Converter MacroScripts as examples to the respective Editable Mesh topics. See Editable Mesh Selection Converters

·   Added comments to the GroupBox description to avoid confusion with Group.

·   Added a note and an example regarding resetting local variables when a rollout or utility is opened to Accessing Locals and Other Items in a Rollout from External Code

·   Added two new sample functions as possible replacement for saveMaxFile and saveNodes. The new functions check for existing files and prompt the user about overwriting.

Changes to existing topics

·   Split the large topic Editable_Mesh : GeometryClass and TriMesh : Value into multiple topics. Added many new examples.

·   Split the large topic Editable_Poly: GeometryClass into multiple topics for easier navigation.

·   Consolidated the callback event names and callbacks.notificationParam() return values into a single list for consistency and easier navigation.

·   Made slight changes to the Learning MAXScript topics - updated descriptions of MAXScript access to reflect the changes since 3ds Max 2.0, added more links and useful information to the tutorials.

·   Revisited some "How To" tutorials, added more explanations and ideas for further development. Additional illustrations were added in the 5.1.1 revision.

Previously Undocumented Topics and minor fixes

·   Documented an existing but previously undocumented channels parameter/property of the Bitmap Value. The property has been available since 3ds Max 3, the parameter since 3ds Max 4.

·   Documented an existing (since 3ds Max 4) but previously undocumented setFocus method for setting focus on User Interface Controls.

·   Fixed description of on <spinner> entered handler in Spinner topic - also called when spinner is released.

·   Added description of initialRollupState optional keyword in Scripted Custom Attributes and Scripted Plugins.

·   Added description of .creatable and .ispb2based read-only boolean properties of maxclass.

·   Added previously undocumented list of filter names to the description of the setFilter() method in Interface: trackviews


For documentation changes from version 5.1 to version 5.1.1 (which shipped to subscription members with the Particle Flow Extension), please see MAXScript Documentation Changes in 3ds Max 5.1.1

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