Documentation Updates after the 3ds Max 7 Release

The following changes have been made to the MAXScript Online Reference in updates after the official release of 3ds Max 7:

New Topics:

new.gif Added new topic documenting the properties, methods, events and usage of the TabStrip ActiveX Controls used to create tabs for switching UI pages.

new.gif Added new topic (shared with the SDK documentation) describing the general differences between plug-in development using MAXScript and the SDK.

Previously Undocumented Features:

new.gif Added missing documentation for the filterAnim event handler in the Scripted TrackViewUtility Plug-ins topic. The feature has been available since 3ds Max 5.

new.gif The new 3ds Max 7 method getCurrentException() was documented but not included in the MAXScript Language Improvements in 3ds Max 7 topic or the Index keywords list. Now it is.

Documentation Fixes

fixed.gif Fixed the documentation of setFilter() and clearFilter() methods in the Interface: trackviews topic. setFilter() was missing the TrackviewName parameter, clearFilters() is now pointing at the list of possible flag names.

fixed.gif Fixed the documentation of the units structure in the 3ds Max System Globals - U topic. The location of the System Units Setup controls changed a couple of versions ago; the possible values list of units.CustomUnits was missing.

fixed.gif Fixed the documentation of the meshop.defaultMapFaces method in Meshop General Mapping Methods. The previous definition listed a 3rd argument, <Integer count>, but the method requires only 2 arguments.

fixed.gif Updated the documentation of Interface: ParamCollectorOps and added some examples.

fixed.gif Fixed the description of the getVertSelection() method in the Mesh Vertex Methods topic. Previously, the documentation claimed that when no modifier is specified, the selection is taken from the base object. In fact, the selection is taken from top of the stack.

fixed.gif Completely rewrote the documentation of Interface: renderpresets, which contained incorrect information. Added more examples and notes.

fixed.gif Commented the interface methods of RayMeshGridIntersect : ReferenceTarget.

fixed.gif Added a note to the Editable_Mesh : GeometryClass and TriMesh : Value topic regarding a known bug and temporary workaround for creating a mesh with a tverts array of mapping coordinates.

fixed.gif Added a note to the Script Controllers topic regarding trying to assign a script string as construction parameter.

fixed.gif Added a new paragraph to the How To Make It Faster? topic regarding the execution speed of matchPattern() vs. findString().Also added a note to the String Values topic.

fixed.gif Fixed the description and added an example to the loadLayer() method in the Interface: BitmapLayerManager topic.

fixed.gif Added missing sysInfo.DesktopSize, sysInfo.DesktopBPP and sysInfo.getMAXPriority() to the System Information topic. These global variables and function were previously documented under Max System Globals - S only.

fixed.gif Fixed the description of some ActiveX helper functions like hitTest(), getCursorPos() and mapPoint() which were previously documented as expecting/returning values in Twips while in reality they work in Pixels.

fixed.gif Fixed a small typo in EditablePoly Interface GetNumFaces() function.

fixed.gif Fixed the documentation of collapseStack() in both Editable_Mesh : GeometryClass and TriMesh : Value and Node Common Properties, Operators, and Methods. The previous description was written for 3ds Max 2 when the result of the collapsed stack was typically an Editable Mesh. The result could be actually Editable Patch, Editable Poly, Editable Spline etc. and is based on the class evaluated on top of the stack. The example code in the Editable_Mesh topic also needed a fix - it listed NormalModifier() as a possible modifier to turn an object to Editable_Mesh, but since 3ds Max 5 it would collapse to Editable_Poly instead of Editable_Mesh if the result on top of the stack were of class PolyMeshObject.

fixed.gif Added a note that the viewport drawing methods gw.hTriStrip and gw.wTriStrip are currently broken.

fixed.gif Removed the obsolete note about edited normals not being supported by the renderer from the Edit_Normals : Modifier topic.


Formatting.gif Changed the Dark Blue headers background color to Dark Teal. The default Windows color of search highlights was almost invisible in header areas.

Formatting.gif Fixed black on Dark Blue divider text in some topics.

Formatting.gif Fixed spacing in Index keywords of newly added Interfaces, for example "Interface ParamCollectorOps" should be "Interface ParamCollectorOps".

Formatting.gif Added inverse Index keywords to dozens of recently added Interfaces. For example, in addition to "Interface ParamCollectorOps", you can now alternatively use the keyword "ParamCollectorOps Interface" to find the same topic.

Formatting.gif Continued the ongoing reformatting and color coding of the complete Reference by placing some properties of Interfaces and ActiveX controls on a blue background as was already done for methods and event handlers.

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