Dragging DropScripts from Toolbars

Drag-and-drop of dropScripts from the MAX toolbars is possible. DropScripts are simply macroScripts with 'on drop' and optionally 'on droppable' handlers, as defined above. If a macroScript button on a toolbar has an 'on drop' handler defined, you can drag that button off the toolbar to initiate dropScript drag-and-drop.


Here's a simple dropScript that applies a newly created brick material to the object that it is dropped on. Note that it also has an 'on execute' handler that does the same thing to the current selection. By providing both 'on drop' and 'on execute' handlers, you can make such a macroScript installable in menus, hotkeys and toolbars or droppable from toolbars, the web, etc.

macroScript dropBricks category:"DropScripts" Icon:#("MAXScript", 3)


on droppable window node: return

window == #viewport and node != undefined

on drop window node: do

node.material = standard diffuseMap:(bricks()) showInViewport:true

on execute do if selection.count == 1 then

$.material = standard diffuseMap:(bricks()) showInViewport:true


Note the use of the 'showInViewport' property at material level.