Encrypting Script Files

MAXScript lets you create an encrypted copy of a specified script file with the same name prefix, but with the suffix .mse, in the same directory as the source script file. The encryption uses a fixed hidden key that lets it run on any 3ds Max system, but effectively hides the source of the script. Encrypted script files have the suffix .mse. To encrypt a script, use the following MAXScript method:

encryptScript <filename_string>

where <filename_string> is a string literal or an expression that evaluates to a string, and specifies the name of the script file whose contents are encrypted. Example uses are:

encryptScript "my_script.ms"



encryptScript scriptfile

The encrypted script file from the previous examples would be named my_script.mse.

The Run Script button in the MAXScript rollout and the fileIn() method described in Running Scripts automatically support .mse encrypted scripts.

You can couple this script source code encryption with the hardwareLockID variable and the encrypted file I/O functions to provide authorization-based protection for your scripts.