File Name Parsing

The following function can be used to parse file name paths and extract different parts like the path, the file name, the type (extension) etc.


filenameFromPath <filename_string>

Returns the file name and extension of a full file name, useful for labeling file buttons in rollout panels.


getFilenamePath <filename_string>

Returns the directory path part of a full file name.


getFilenameFile <filename_string>

Returns the file name part of a full file name.


getFilenameType <filename_string>

Returns the type extension part of a full file name.


doesFileExist <filename_string>

Returns true if the file exists, false otherwise.




filenameFromPath file -- returns: "myImage.jpg"

getFilenamePath file -- returns: "g:\subdir1\subdir2\"

getFilenameFile file -- returns: "myImage"

getFilenameType file -- returns: ".jpg"

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