Global_Motion_Clip : MasterBlockController

Global_Motion_Clip - superclass: MasterBlockController; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 0:0 - classID: #(936531797, 663513431)




Related Methods

globalMotionClipOps.loadfile <global_motion_clip> <filename_string>

'loadfile' expects a GlobalMotionClip, then a filename for a "*.ant" GlobalMotionClip file to load.

globalMotionClipOps.savefile <global_motion_clip> <filename_string>

'savefile' expects a GlobalMotionClip, then a filename for the "*.ant" file to save.

globalMotionClipOps.synthesize <global_motion_clip>

'synthesize' expects a GlobalMotionClip and will synthesize it.


The GlobalMotionClip objects are found under the GlobalTracks.Block_Control list controller.


In order to call globalMotionClipOps.savefile, you could use

For example

GlobalMotionClipOps.savefile GlobalTracks.Block_Control.global_Motion_Clip__XXXXXX "globalObject.ant"

--where XXXXXX is the name of the object.


The available global motion clips can be seen by using the following code:

for i = 1 to GlobalTracks.Block_Control.numsubs do


local controller = GlobalTracks.Block_Control[i].object

if (classof controller == Global_Motion_Clip) do print controller



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