HairEffect : RenderEffect

The HairEffect RenderEffect available since 3ds Max 8 is responsible for the rendering of the hair.


Hair Rendering Options

.hairMode (Hair_Mode) : integer

Get/set the Hair Rendering Mode.

Possible values are:

1 - buffer (default)

2 - geometry

3 - MR prim

.lightingMode (Lighting_Param) : integer

Get/set the Hair Lighting Mode.

Possible values are:

0 - emulation

1 - native (default)

Motion Blur

.mbDuration (MB_Duration) : float

Get/set the Motion Blur duration value. Default is 0.5

.mbIntervalType (MB_Interval_Type) : integer

Get/set the Motion Blur type.

Possible values are:

0 - start

1 - middle (default)

2 - end

Buffer Rendering Options

.overSampling : integer

Get/set the Oversampling option.

The values corresponding to the options in the User Interface are:

1 - draft

3 - low

8 - med

15 - high

23 - maximum

Composite Method

.compositionMethod (Composition_Method) : integer

Get/set the Composite method when rendering in Buffer mode.

Possible values are:

0 - Normal (default)

1 - GBuffer

2 - None

3 - Off

Occlusion Objects

.occlusionSetType (Occlusion_Set_Type) : integer

Get/set the Occlusion type.

Possible values are:

0 - Auto (default)

1 - All

2 - Custom

.occlusionNodes (Occlusion_Nodes) : node array

Get/set the Occlusion Nodes array. Default is #()


.shadowDensity (Shadow_Density) : float

Get/set the Shadow Density value. Specifies the relative darkness of the shadows. At the default/highest value, 100.0, shadows are darkest. At the lowest value, 0.0, shadows are fully
transparent, so they don't render. Range 0.0 to 100.0. Default is 100.0.

.useAllLights (Use_All_Lights) : boolean

Get/set the state of the Use All Lights option. Corresponds to the "Use all lights at render time" checkbox in the UI.

When set to true (default), causes all spot lights in the scene to illuminate and cast shadows from hair when the scene is rendered. When set to false, only spot lights with Hair properties will affect hair.

For details on adding and removing Hair properties to/from spot lights, see the methods addHairProperties and removeHairProperties in Interface: Hair


Only spot lights can illuminate Hair and cast shadows from Hair.

mental ray

.mrVoxelRes (MR_Voxel_Res) : integer

Get/set the mental ray voxel resolution. Default is 1. This property is used internally when translating Hair to mental ray.


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