How do I batch-process multiple .MAX files?

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A user asked:

I'm just wondering if there is an easy way on doing this. Let say I've got 100 max scene file and I need to scale or move an object in each file. Is there a command to tell 3dsmax to open each file, modify that object and then save the file again?


Here is the basic code needed to select a path, collect all max files in the specified directory, open each one and then save it again. You can include your own code in the space between the loading and the saving.


thePath = getSavePath() --get a path dialog to specify the path

if thePath != undefined do --if the user did not cancel


theFiles = getFiles (thePath+"\\*.max") --collect all max files in the dir.

for f in theFiles do --go through all of them


loadMaxFile f --load the next file






saveMaxFile f --save the file back to disk

)--end f loop

resetMaxFile #noPrompt --at the end, you can reset

)--end if


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