How do I calculate the Volume of an Object?

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There is currently no access to the Measure Utility from MAXScript, but you can use the following MAXScript function to get the same results:


fn CalculateVolumeAndCenterOfMass obj =


Volume= 0.0

Center= [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]

theMesh = snapshotasmesh obj

numFaces = theMesh.numfaces

for i = 1 to numFaces do


Face= getFace theMesh i

vert2 = getVert theMesh Face.z

vert1 = getVert theMesh Face.y

vert0 = getVert theMesh Face.x

dV = Dot (Cross (vert1 - vert0) (vert2 - vert0)) vert0

Volume+= dV

Center+= (vert0 + vert1 + vert2) * dV


delete theMesh

Volume /= 6

Center /= 24

Center /= Volume




--Call the function on a geometry object - the result will be a list

--containing the Volume and the Center of mass in local space.


theVolAndCom = CalculateVolumeAndCenterOfMass $Sphere01

--To get the world space of the Center of Mass just like in the Utility,

--you have to do some extra work:


theComInWorld = theVolAndCom[2] * $Sphere01.objectTransform

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