How do I display a value in a Rollout?

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The following script is a test bed for value display in different User Interface elements. It is intended to show how to update UI properties to give feedback to the user.

Copy the code into a new Script Editor, press Ctrl+E to evaluate and press the "Generate New RANDOM Value" multiple times to see different methods to display the value in the Rollout.



rollout test_digits "Display Values"


group "Display"


spinner spinner_item "The Value:" range:[0,1000,0] align:#center fieldwidth:50

edittext edit_text_item "The Value:" text:"" width:100 align:#center

button button_item "No Value" width:100 align:#center

label label_item "No Value" align:#center

progressbar progress_bar_item height:10 width:180 color:(color 255 100 100) orient:#horizontal

listbox list_box_item items:#()


button start_test "Generate New RANDOM Value..."

progressbar progress_bar2_item height:90 width:10 color:(color 255 100 100) orient:#vertical pos:[12,20]


on start_test pressed do


minValue = 0

maxValue = 100

theValue = random minValue maxValue

sliderTime = theValue


spinner_item.value = theValue

edit_text_item.text = theValue as string

button_item.text = theValue as string

label_item.text = theValue as string

progress_bar_item.value = 100.0*theValue/maxValue

progress_bar_item.color = color (255.0*theValue/maxValue) 128 0

progress_bar2_item.value = 100.0*theValue/maxValue

list_box_item.items = append list_box_item.items ("Value is now "+theValue as string)

list_box_item.selection = list_box_item.items.count

)--end on

)--end rollout

createDialog test_digits 200 300


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