How do I filter a string including empty entries?

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A user asked:

The filterString function does not return empty entries. For example, if I am filtering by tabs a string containing two tabs in a row, no empty entry will be returned.

For example,

filterString "One\t\tThree Four,,Five " "\t, "

#("One", "Three", "Four", "Five")


The following scripted function behaves as requested.


Scripted Function:


fn filterString2 theString theDelimiters =


 theTokens = #() --array of tokens to return

 ready = false

 while not ready do --repeat until no more delimiters can be found


  ready = true --raise a flag that we are done

  thePosArray = #() --init. an array to hold possible split positions

  for i = 1 to theDelimiters.count do --go through all delimiters


   checkPos = findString theString theDelimiters[i] --check if the delimiter is in the string

   if checkPos != undefined do append thePosArray checkPos --if it is, add to the split positions array

  )--end i loop 

  if thePosArray.count > 0 then --if the array has any split positions,


   sort thePosArray --sort the array in ascending order

   checkPos = thePosArray[1] --grab the first position

   aToken = substring theString 1 (checkPos-1) --take the token from start to the split pos. - 1

   append theTokens aToken --add the token to the array of tokens

   theString = substring theString (checkPos+1) theString.count --remove the token and the delimiter from the string

   ready = false --lower the flag because we are not ready yet

  )--end if

 )--end while loop

 append theTokens theString --add what is left of the string to the array

 theTokens --return the array of tokens



filterString2 "One\t\tThree,Four,,Five " "\t,"

#("One", "", "Three", "Four", "", "Five ")


filterString2 "One\t\tThree Four,,Five " "\t, "

#("One", "", "Three", "Four", "", "Five", "")



In 3ds Max 8, a new keyword parameter splitEmptyTokens has been added to the filterString function to perform this kind of filtering.


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