How do I get a Space Warp by Binding?

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A user asked:

I created an object and a Conform space warp. I used bindSpaceWarp to bind the object to the space warp. After doing this a dozen times, I wanted to know... "Which space warp was object A assigned to?"


You can explore the dependencies of existing space warps in the scene in order to filter the one that is affecting your object:


fn getSpaceWarpByBinding theBinding =


--Loop through all space warps in the scene

for s in SpaceWarps do


--Loop through all dependents of the current space warp

--If the space warp is dependent on the supplied binding, return it!

for o in refs.dependents s where o == theBinding do return s

)--end s loop

)--end fn


-- Example Usage:

theSW = getSpaceWarpByBinding $Sphere01.modifiers[1]

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