How do I rotate a vector around the Z axis?

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A user asked:

I am trying to rotate a unit vector around 360 degrees in steps of 2 degrees. It only needs to rotate around the Z axis, X and Y stay the same.


The Matrix3 Values topic provides convenient ways to transform vectors (Point3 values) including rotation about the world Z axis! You can simply construct a rotateZMatrix value and transform the original vector using it:


resetMaxFile #noPrompt --reset the file

theV = normalize [5,0,10] --the vector to rotate, normalized to unit vector

theStep = 10 --the step by which you want to rotate


--rotate from 0 to 360-theStep with step TheStep:

for a = 0 to 360-theStep by theStep do


rm = rotateZMatrix a --create a rotation matrix from the value

theRotV = theV * rm --transform the original vector using the matrix

format "%: %\n" a theRotV --print the result to Listener

c = cylinder() --create a cylinder

c.dir = theRotV --orient along the vector to see what it looks like


The results looks like a muffin!

Vector_Rotate_Step30.gif Vector_Rotate_Step10.gif Vector_Rotate_Step2.gif


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