How Do I Select a Face of an Editable Mesh by its Index?

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A user asked:

Is there a way to select a face in an editable mesh when you only know its index?


When doing it just once, you can quickly type in the Listener something like

setFaceSelection $ {10}

This will select face with index 10 assuming that a single object is selected and it is an Editable_Mesh.

If you are doing this very often, the following macroScript provides a UI with a spinner to select the face index and some error handling:


macroScript FaceByIndex category:"MXS Help"


global SelectFaceRoll

try(destroyDialog SelectFaceRoll)catch()


rollout SelectFaceRoll "Select Face"


spinner face_index "Face Index" type:#integer range:[1,100000000,1]

on face_index changed val do


if isValidNode selection[1] and classof selection[1].baseobject == Editable_Mesh do


if val <= selection[1].numfaces then

setFaceSelection selection[1] #{val}


setFaceSelection selection[1] #{}



max modify mode

try(subObjectLevel = 3)catch()

createDialog SelectFaceRoll 150 30

)--end macro

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