ImageList ActiveX Control

"Microsoft ImageList Control 6.0 (SP4)"


The ImageList ActiveX Control can be used to create, manage and supply images to other ActiveX Controls like the ListView ActiveX Control and the TreeView ActiveX Control to be used as icons.


activeXControl ilctrl "MSComctlLib.ImageListCtrl"


.ImageHeight : integer

Get/Set the height of the image in pixels.

.ImageWidth : integer

Get/Set the width of the image in pixels.

.MaskColor : OLE_COLOR

Get/Set the mask color as OLE_COLOR value. The pixels with this color will show the background color when the .UseMaskColor property is set to true.

.UseMaskColor : boolean

When set to true, pixels matching the color specified by the .MaskColor property will not be drawn and will show the background color. When set to false, the .MaskColor will not be used.

.BackColor : OLE_COLOR

Defines the background color.

.Overlay Key1:undefined Key2:undefined

Defines the overlay keys.

.hImageList : OLE_HANDLE

Returns the OLE_HANDLE to the Image List for use in the windows.SendMessage method.

.ListImages : IImages

Returns the imageList array containing the stored images. It has its own Properties and Methods as described below:

ListImages Properties and Methods


.ListImages.Count : integer

Returns the number of images stored in the ListImages array.

.ListImages[Index] : IImage

Returns the indexed image from the list. The index is 1-based.


.Add Index:undefined Key:undefined Picture:undefined

Adds a new image to the list. Index is the index of the image to be added, key is a user-defined name property to identify the image and picture is an IPictureDisp value returned by the loadPicture method

See the tutorial How To ... Develop a Scene Browser using TreeView ActiveX Control - Part Two for a practical example.


Removes all images from the list.

.Remove Index:undefined

Removes the indexed image from the list. Index is 1-based.

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