Interface: ATSCustomDepsOps

A Core Interface to access Custom Dependencies in the Asset Tracking System. Available in 3ds Max 8 and higher.


Interface: ATSCustomDepsOps



Opens the Custom Dependencies dialog.


Returns the number of files in the Custom Dependencies dialog.

<integer>GetFiles <&filename array>FileList

FileList is In and Out parameter

Gets the files into the by-reference FileList array. Returns the number of returned files as result.

<integer>AddFile <filename>Filename

Gets the specified file to the list. Returns the index of the new file.

<bool>SetFile <index>Index <filename>Filename

Sets the indexed file to the specified filename. Returns true on success, false otherwise.

<integer>RemoveFileByIndex <index>Index

Removes the specified file by index.

<integer>RemoveFileByName <filename>Filename

Removes the specified file by name.


Removes all files.