Interface: BitmapLayerManager

This Core Interface provides access to the layered Photoshop PSD image format.


Interface: BitmapLayerManager


<integer>getLayerCount <filename>filename

Returns the number of layers in the specified file.

<string>getLayerName <filename>filename <integer>index

Returns the name of the indexed layer in the specified file.

<bitmap>LoadLayer <filename>filename <integer>index <boolean>fullframe

Loads the specified 0-based indexed layer from the the specified file. Returns a bitmap value. If fullframe is set to true, loads the layer at the resolution of the full image.

For example:

--load the background layer from a PSD file

theBmp = bitmapLayerManager.LoadLayer "c:/temp/test.psd" 0 true

--assign a bitmap texture to the first material in the MEdit

meditMaterials[1].diffusemap = bitmapTexture()

--assign the PSD background layer to the diffuse slot:

meditMaterials[1].diffusemap.bitmap = theBmp