Interface: BoneSys

Bone Creation

Interface: BoneSys


<node>createBone <point3>startPos <point3>endPos <point3>zAxis

It returns the new bone node that was created.

<point3>startPos : The location of the new bone as point3

<point3>endPos : The direction (X axis) of the bone and the bone length as point3

<point3>zAxis: The direction of the Z axis for the new bone node as point3


If the Z axis is not perpendicular to the X axis, the Z axis will be made perpendicular. To create a bone chain, call createBone repeatedly with the startPosition set to the value of the previous endPosition. Note that newly created bones are not linked to any parent. So to create a bone chain, the script would also need to link each newly created bone segment to the previous.



Enables the Refine Bone mode.

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