Interface: DialogMonitorOPS

new.gif NEW in 3ds Max 9: The DialogMonitorOPS interface provides a callback system to monitor the 3ds Max User Interface. In conjunction with the Interface: UIAccessor it can be used to collect data and interact with dialogs and popups, for example to press the default or specific button in a pop-up dialog when running automated tasks or log data about the 3ds Max UI activities to a log file.



.Enabled : bool : Read|Write

Get/Set the enabled state of the Dialog Monitor.

.Interactive : bool : Read|Write

Get/Set the interactive state of the Dialog Monitor.



<bool>RegisterNotification <value>Callback ID:<name>

ID default value: undefined

Registers a notification callback function with an optional user-defined ID. The callback function can be any MAXScript function and will be called each time a dialog or menu is opened, but the best way to use this feature is to access the dialog's or menu's data using the Interface: UIAccessor methods.

<bool>UnRegisterNotification ID:<name>

ID default value: undefined

Unregisters the notification callbacks with the user-defined ID. If no ID is specified, all callbacks will be unregistered.


Lists all registered notification callbacks with their ID and callback function.


Returns the Window Handle of the current dialog. The handle can be used as an argument in most Interface: UIAccessor methods to collect details about the current dialog and manipulate it.

See also

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