Interface: globalDXDisplayManager

This Interface controls how DirectX shaders are being drawn in the viewports. It affects the new DirectX_9_Shader : Material and all other Viewport Manager shaders.


.forceSoftware : boolean : Read|Write

If set to true, it will prevent the shaders from being displayed, and will default to the base material viewport display handler.

.forceSelected : boolean : Read|Write

This will only be ative if Force Software is set to true, it will allow the display of shaders on only selected objects - if they are not selected, they will use the default material viewport display code.

.sceneEffectActive : boolean : Read|Write

If set to true, Scene Effects will be active. If set to false, no Scene Effects will be used. Available in 3ds Max 8 and higher.



Returns true if DirectX is active.

The default location for setting this data is in the Medit Options dialog. There is also a Macroscript that will set these up, so they can be added by the user to the CUI system - see Macro_DXDisplay.mcr.