Interface: integrator


The Integrator moves particles in time according to inertia rules. It is a must for Collision operators since they need to substitute the part of the data that the integrator calculates. Particularly, the Collision tests change the position/speed data by their own as calculated by deflectors.

All Test actions provide access to an Integrator interface via the Interface: MaxscriptParticleContainer and its getIntegrator_Method that can be accessed using pCont.GetIntegrator() in a Proceed() handler.


<bool>proceedSync <IObject>container <time>timeTick <float>tickFraction <bool>selectedOnly <bitArray>selected

Returns true if the operation has been proceeded successfully.

<bool>proceedASync <IObject>container <time array>timeTick <float array>tickFraction <bool>selectedOnly <bitArray>selected

Returns true if the operation has been proceeded successfully.



The exact time for particles to come to.

The timeFraction value stays in the range between -0.5f and 0.5f



If only part of the particles need to be time-advanced then set selectedOnly to true and supply a BitArray for selected

See Integrator ProceedSynch Example for usage example.

This Interface is available in:

Collision_Spawn : Helper

MaxscriptParticleContainer getIntegrator Method

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