Interface: manipPlane

This is a Mixin Interface returned by some properties of the manip Interface. It provides methods to get intersections with a manipulator plane.

Mixin Interface: (manip.msXYPlane)

Interface: manipPlane


.normal : point3 by value : Read

Returns the normal of a plane.

.point : point3 by value : Read

Return the point that the plane passes through.

.planeConstant : float : Read

Return the value of the plane constant. This is the value of "D" in the equation that defines the plane:

Ax + By +Cz + D = 0


<boolean>intersect <ray by value>ray <&point3>intersectionPoint

intersectionPoint is In and Out parameter

Intersects the given ray with the plane. Returns true on success. The intersection point is set in the "intersectionPoint" value passes by reference, which must be initialized to a Point3 value in advance.

<Interface>mostOrthogonal <ray by value>viewDir <Interface>plane

Returns the plane that is most orthogonal to the given ray. This means the plane that is most "square" to the view direction.

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