Interface: medit

Interface available for Texmap and Mtl.


This method returns a material base pointer for the current material.

<void>SetActiveMtlSlot <index>slot <boolean>forceUpdate

This method allows you to set the active material slot.

<index>slot : The material slot index.

<boolean>forceUpdate: Set this to true to update the slot contents.


This method returns the index of the active material slot.

<void>PutMtlToMtlEditor <maxObject>mtl <index>slot

This method allows you to put the specified material to the specified material editor slot.

<maxObject>mtl : The material you want to put.

<index>slot: The index of the material slot you wish to put the material into.

<maxObject>GetTopMtlSlot <index>slot

This method returns a pointer to the material base from the specified slot.

<index>slot: The index of the material slot for which you wish to obtain the material.

<boolean>OkMtlForScene <material>mtl

Before assigning material to scene, call this to avoid duplicate names.

<material>mtl: The pointer to the material.


This method makes sure the Materials Editor slots correctly reflect which materials are used in the scene, which are used by selected objects, etc. This is used internally for the drag-and-drop of materials to nodes -- there is no reason why a plug-in developer should need to call it.

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