Interface: Module_Snooper_Interface

new.gif NEW in 3ds Max 9: This Interface provides methods to query process memory and time usage.



Creates a graphical representation of the memory usage in the 3ds Max Scene using Boxes with names corresponding to the task names and size representing the amount of memory used.


<void>GetLargestAvailableHeapBlockSizes <&integer array>blockSizes numBlocks:<integer>

blockSizes is Out parameter

numBlocks default value: 1

Returns an array of the largest available memory blocks in bytes into the by-reference variable blockSizes. By default returns only the largest block.

If numBlocks is provided and is higher than 1, the respective number of memory blocks will be written to the array.

For example:

Module_Snooper_Interface.GetLargestAvailableHeapBlockSizes &FreeBlocks



Module_Snooper_Interface.GetLargestAvailableHeapBlockSizes &blocks numblocks:5


#(462422016, 255852544, 88080384, 87031808, 75497472)



Returns the 3dsmax.exe process' Kernel time in milliseconds.


Returns the 3dsmax.exe process' User time in milliseconds.


Returns the 3dsmax.exe process' Total time in milliseconds. Corresponds to the sum of the Kernel and User time and to the CPU Time column in the Windows Task Manager.