Interface: RingArray

new.gif NEW in 3ds Max 9: The RingArray interface exposes a creation method for the RingArray System. This interface was created mainly for test and debugging purposes as the RingArray has no real function in 3ds Max. It is only an System example.



<Interface>Create posOrigin:<&point3> numNodes:<integer> amplitude:<float> radius:<float> cycles:<float> phase:<float>

posOrigin default value: [0,0,0]

posOrigin is In parameter

numNodes default value: 4

numNodes Validated by Range: 1 to 200

amplitude default value: 20.0

amplitude Validated by Range: 0 to 1140457472

radius default value: 100.0

radius Validated by Range: 0 to 1140457472

cycles default value: 3.0

cycles Validated by Range: 0 to 1092616192

phase default value: 1.0

phase Validated by Range: -998637568 to 1148846080