Interface: StatusPanel

This Interface provides control over the visibility of the Status Panel. The Status Panel is the area at the bottom of the 3ds Max UI containing the Mini Listener, system prompt, selection lock, X,Y,Z values, time controls, keying and viewport navigation controls will be visible.


Interface: statusPanel


.visible : boolean : Read|Write

Get/Set the visible state of the Status Panel. When set to true, the Status Panel will be visible. When set to false, the panel will be hidden.


Using the statusPanel interface’s .visible property together with the trackbar and time slider visibility controls, you can achieve a Super-Expert mode with just the viewports and the main menu displayed:

For Example:

macroScript SuperExpertMode category:"MXS Help Examples"


--get the inverse of the curren visibility state of the time slider:

state = not(timeslider.isVisible()) 

--set the trackbar visiblity to the new value:

trackbar.visible = state

--set the time slider visiblity to the new value:

timeSlider.setVisible state

--if true, exit the expert mode, if false, engage it:

if state then cui.expertModeOff() else cui.expertModeOn()

--finally, set the status panel visibility:

statusPanel.visible = state



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