Interface: visualMS

This represents an interface to Visual MAXScript.

Interface: visualMS



Creates a VMS instance that is initially hidden. Call the Visual MAXScript form object’s .Open method to display it. See visualMSForm MixinInterface below.


MacroScript Launch_VMS

ButtonText:"Visual MAX Script Editor"

Category:"MAX Script"

internalCategory:"MAX Script"

Tooltip:"Visual MAX Script Editor"


vms = visualMS.CreateForm()




<Interface>createFormFromFile <filename>fileName

Creates a VMS instance from the given MAXScript file.

Mixin Interface: visualMS.createForm(...)

Interface: visualMSForm




Opens the VMS Form.


Closes the VMS Form.

<boolean>genScript <&string>script

script is In and Out parameter

Generates a script from the Form. Writes the generated script into the by-reference variable. Returns true on success.