Learning MAXScript

Welcome to Learning MAXScript. This introductory reference helps you get started using MAXScript, the scripting language that is built into 3ds Max.

Learning MAXScript can be used as an introductory reference. However, it is most useful if read straight through as a tutorial. You can follow the examples in this reference by using drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste to bring the code from this document into the MAXScript Listener. You can also type in your own text and start experimenting with MAXScript as you learn it.

In addition, the "How To" tutorials chapter will introduce you to some simple real-world examples with detailed comments and links to the definitions of used methods and functions.

Getting Started

Accessing MAXScript

Source Code Layout

Entering Information into MAXScript

Assigning Variables

Mathematical Operations in MAXScript

Manipulating The Box - First Steps in MAXScript

Drawing a Box with MAXScript

Modifying the Box

Applying Standard Transformations

More Box Transformations

Creating Your Own Scripts

The Script Editor

Controlling Program Flow in Scripts

Defining Custom Functions

Structure Definitions

max Commands in MAXScript

Saving your Commands in a Script File

Loading and Running Your Script File

Learning From Other Scripts

Loading Other Scripts

Learning MAXScript by Walking Through a Script

Learning MAXScript with the Macro Recorder

MAXScript for New and Casual Users

MAXScript for New and Casual Users

Scripted Utilities for New Users

MacroScripts for New Users

Scripted Plug-ins for New Users

Scripted Functions for New Users

MAXScript DLX Extensions for New Users


Frequently Asked Questions

'How To' Tutorials:

How To - Introduction to the Tutorials

Sample Scripts:

Online Help Script Examples

Sample Scripts in the Scripts/Examples Directory

Navigation Help:

Locating Information in this Help File

Using the HTML Help Viewer